When you’re 22 books in it must be hard to create anticipation amongst your readers for your next book.  Sure, you’ll have  your well established reader base for the series and you can pretty much guarantee that most of them will go out and buy your book soon after it’s released (we’re kind of predictable that way).  But in order to create a full out excitement takes some clever footwork.

Christine Feehan has managed to accomplish this perfectly.  All I can say is that she must have a really tight reign on her publishers, editorial team and marketing people because days from release and we still don’t know who the heroine of the novel is.

Oh, we know the hero and have been crying out for his story for ages.  Zacarias De La Cruz is a strong Carpathian hunter who has sacrificed for his family and is now reaching the end of his will power.  “Find a mate for Zac!” we cried.  And Ms Feehan has.  She just won’t tell us who she is!

The brilliant part of this strategy has coalesced in the competition she has running on her site.  She’s releasing a clue a day for a week, scattered throughout the web waiting for eager readers to ferret them out and debate them.  At least that’s what we’re doing over at goodreads.

Well done Ms Feehan.  I was buying the book on release day anyway, but now I’ll be getting up early to check to see if I can download it yet…

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