This weeks Follow My Book Blog Friday features Pendantic Phooka and Drying Ink:

Question: Have you ever wanted a villain to win at the end of a story?  If so which one?

Darkfever – but mainly because I found Mac so annoying that killing her off wouldn’t have made me shed a tear. People keep telling me I need to read the second book and that she does get better but really, I just wanted to send her back to Mattel and get a refund.  And, well I never really believed the world building in the story anyway so the baddies weren’t as believable as some.   Sorry but if you keep needing to stop and tell me what’s going on in the middle of the scene something’s not working.

This actually comes down to one of those “good author” things for me.  If the author has done her job then I should buy into the fact that the baddies deserve to loose.  If I haven’t brought that simple premise then I’m not likely to have liked the book full stop.

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