Quick read reviews are just that.  A quick review of a book that took me less than an hour to read (sometimes separately published but normally novellas in anthologies).  Today’s quick read review is of Major Pleasure by Denise A. Agnew, which is sold separately as a stand alone story but was originally published in the By Honor Bound Anthology.


Major Pleasure is a short hot read about an injured soldier who’s been sent back home to recover.  When he arrives home he runs into his best friends sister who insists on driving him home so he doesn’t pass out and crash his car.  One snow storm later and… well you can pretty much guess what happens.

Given the length of the story there wasn’t too much time for major plot development and the author chose to spend that time developing the attraction between the couple.  I loved the beginning when you could see the thoughts of both individuals and their determination not to give any indication of the attraction they had both been harbouring since they met and how Ms Agnew gave importance to the debriefing process and need for support following a mission.  Even though the sex was hot I also enjoyed how the overall feel of the story was that of a sweet romance.  Denise A. Agnew was a new author for me and Major Pleasure has certainly made me want to check out her other work.

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