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Question: What imaginary book world would you like to make a reality?

Wow, these don’t get any easier.  Most of the books I read I enjoy because of the way the characters struggle to overcome their surroundings.  Which is fantastic to read but not where I would want to live.  For instance as much as I love the worlds of Kate Daniel, Mercy Thompson and the Midnight Breeds etc being a female in those worlds wouldn’t suit me.  I’d end up dead for sure.  But I have to come up with an answer so after much consideration…

I’d choose to bring Christine Feehan’s Sea Haven world to life.  The women in these books are strong, in charge of their own powers and well – kick ass.  The town and sense of community sounds wonderful and I like that magical powers take different and unique forms.  Sadly, most of the bad stuff that happens in this world already happens in the real world, so at least I wouldn’t be unleashing a pack of demons on society by bringing this world to life.

In particular I would want to be in the part of the world that would let me lick Ilya from head to toe and then say hello politely to Ilya.  I’d choose to be in the part of the world that gets to say hello politely to Jackson but Elle scares me and after everything she went through she deserves to have him (the first few chapters of Hidden Currents were not a comfortable read at all).

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