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Quick read reviews are just that.  A quick review of a book that took me less than an hour to read (sometimes separately published but normally novellas in anthologies).  Today’s quick read review is of the first book in the Drake Sisters Series by Christine Feehan.


Magic in the Wind is the novella that sets up the Drake Sisters series, which means it has a hell of a lot to do in just over 100 pages.  The series tells the tale of seven sisters who have magical abilities and who’s romantic fate is tied to a prophecy so the likelihood that the beginning story would feel like on big info dump was fairly high.

Yet, amazingly that’s not what Magic in the Wind turned out to be.  So much of the story is told through Damon’s eyes and at such a gentle steady pace that other than the obvious set ups of the prophecy and the sisters it really didn’t feel like it was suffering from first-book-syndrome at all.  Damon is a wonderful beta hero and Sarah, whilst being a security expert, is so grounded in the town and her family she feels like a true match to his character, complimenting it as opposed to clashing with it.  I loved the descriptions of them spending time talking – really in keeping with the type of romance both would have.

I didn’t actually read this until after I had read other books in the series so I was reading this with the knowledge of how much Ms Feehan had to set up in this book.  The fact that she did so without it feeling like she was forcing information down your throat was a pleasant surprise and well worth the time spent reading.

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