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Quick read reviews are just that.  A quick review of a book that took me less than an hour to read (sometimes separately published but normally novellas in anthologies).  Today’s quick read review is of the second book in the Drake Sisters Series by Christine Feehan.


Don’t call me scrooge but I normally don’t like Christmas stories.  In all probability if Twilight Before Christmas was a stand-alone story I wouldn’t be recommending it to you. But as the second novella in the lead up to the Drake Sisters Series this book holds so many glimpses of whats to come that it deserves to be read for that alone.

I love Kate and Matt.  One of my big disappointments is that they didn’t get a full size non-Christmas story.  They’ve been attracted to each other for years but have been so tentative with each other that they both believe that the other thinks that they are a fool.   Matt, an ex-ranger, can’t believe that he keeps having or causing accidents around Kate and Kate, an author, believes that Matt’s family is constantly laughing at her because of the way she stumbles around Matt.

I skimmed over the christmas spirit part of the story because I, well wasn’t really that interested and just wanted more Kate and Matt. But for a quick read this book really does sets up so much for the next few books. Layers of involvement in the town are developed as well as the towns unthinking reliance on the sisters. There’s a hint of Kate’s power to heal psychic damage and hints of what is to come with Elle and Jackson.  Of course, Hannah and Jonas are still at odds and Joley’s preference for domination is subtly suggested.  My dislike for Abbey starts in this book.  For me she is the most immature of the sisters and unthinkingly uses her gift because she doesn’t like something.  But no doubt you will hear more about that when I review her book.

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