Hi everyone,

I’ve been absent for a while now due to some health issues.  Turns out that when I’m sick I don’t read – who knew 🙂  let alone doing what I find most enjoyable about being a reader which is the networking and discussion that happens on blog sites and goodreads.

I’m slowing getting back into it and fully intend to continue developing the Wandering Hues blog as planned, however it’ll be a slow recovery before I’m up to full speed again.   At this stage I’ve been enjoying old friends like Eve and Roarke, all the Brown siblings, Kate and Curran and of course my favourite Archangel Raphael and Elena.  I’ve both missed them and still live in awe of the writers who can create characters that make me feel like it’s a reunion every time I pick up their stories (the fun kind of reunion – not the school kind).