For me Mills & Boon (or Harlequins) hold a distinct purpose in my reading time.  They’re normally really quick reads that are the equivalent of a half-an-hour soap opera.  Great for when you need distraction but don’t have long to read (and, in my case, don’t trust yourself to put down a longer book when you need to get back to work).  Michelle Reid’s Gold Ring of Betrayal is a fairly typical M&B read. The hero is an a**hat who takes his father’s side and believes his wife has betrayed him. Wife never betrayed him was, in fact, being forced. Wife has baby (the hero’s) which of course the hero doesn’t believe to be his. Baby gets kidnapped – hero comes to help recover her and of course this leads to the couple reconciling.

There were things in this book that were well done – you could see the growth in the heroine during the time she has been on her own. The hero’s plot to make her jealous comes back to bite him on the a** and the child was a well written character that actually interacted with the other characters in the book. I would have liked the author to explore the theme of the heroine’s not letting anyone touch her without her permission a bit more and the end felt rushed with not enough grovelling. But considering that it took me under 20mins to read it was a nice bit of escapism.  The fact that it was in a box of books that I purchased for $5 at the end of a charity book fair makes it not only escapism but a very cheap way to spend 20 minutes.