Why am I blogging

Free time seems to come in shorter and shorter quantities these days.  I’ve come to believe that what we do spend our free time in should be on quality items/activities, so this blog chronicles what I choose to spend my time on and what would I recommend to others.  It’s going to be a fairly random collection but then I can be a random kind of girl.  Most of what I am posting will be book related because in todays insane world is there anything more indulgent than curling up with a good book?

But ultimately I’m blogging because I love the written word and blogging is a good way to indulge that love.

You’ll notice that, particularly at the beginning of this blog, I’m doing a lot of re-reads of well established series.  That’s because of the numbers of “what series should I start reading” questions that have popped up on goodreads lately.  People who have just stumbled into one of the romance sub-genres and want to know where to start.  I’ll slowly be getting up series pages which feature links to my reviews, character previews, playlists etc but to start off with I’ve put up a list of series I would recommend people trying.

What’s Wandering Hues mean …

Wandering Hues was named for my love of travel and for my obsession with different colours, tones and textures. I find these not only in the world around me but in the words on a page.  Other than books, one of my other loves is photography.  Both my own and other peoples.


One note – I try to keep the energies in my life positive so you won’t find too many negative reviews here. That’s not because I am in any way, shape or form receiving compensation or payment for these reviews from the writer or publisher or am worried about offending anyone.  It’s simply because I’d prefer to spend my reviewing time on something I really enjoyed.  I will post lower star ratings and rants for books I don’t like on goodreads but that’s not the purpose of this blog.  This blog is to embrace the things I think are worth spending time on. Being negative or abusive isn’t one of them.  I’d much prefer to pick up the next book in the hope of a better story.

If I’m reviewing a Netgalley, ARC copy or a copy I’ve won I’ll say so up front in the review.  I’m also not receiving any form of payment for blogs listed under the Blogs I like section or sites I recommend – they’re simply things I’ve stumbled across and enjoyed.


Comments will be moderated in order to keep spam down and to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone reading the blog.  Profanity, threatening or abusive comments will not be tolerated.  I don’t mind if you have a different opinion to myself (in fact I enjoy it) or others commenting but keep it respectful please.


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  1. Hello, How do I get in touch with you? There is no email or contact info listed .. please advise .. thanks .. Mary. Please contact me maryregency at gmail dot com

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