Review Requests

I’m happy to consider reviewing books by request but please understand that I am not a professional reviewer and as such I reserve the right to say no if it’s not something I would normally read. I promise to read with an open mind but I don’t guarantee to like it or to post a review only talking about the bits I did like. My reviews will be honest and open about what I like and dislike about the book and why I think people should take the time to read it. I do promise that my reviews will be respectful even if I truly disliked portions of the book. If I’m not able to finish a book or I don’t believe it is a book I could recommend then I won’t be posting a review on this site. That’s simply not the tone I want to set on this blog. I will, however, put a short review on goodreads with a star rating.

My reviews consist of:

  • An image of the book cover linked to the book’s goodread page.
  • Intro blurb
  • Why read points
  • A quote that sums up one of the lead characters
  • A review that discusses what I enjoyed/didn’t enjoy about the book including world building, character and relationship development and what I think makes the books special.
  • If an audiobook – a short paragraph reviewing the narration.
  • A link to the authors website.

Reviews will be posted on my blog then within a week I post a reduced version on:

  • Goodreads (under my personal login where I am an active member)
  • Librarything (cross posted to twitter)
  • Shelfari

Please do not ask to see a copy of the review for approval before I publish it. If requested I will send you a copy when it is finalised including the anticipated publication date of the review but I will not make changes to content.

I’m happy to review self-published authors but please be aware that that won’t be taken into consideration when I read the book.

I’ll accept ePub, kindle, PDF and hardcopy (both finished and ARC) formats. I will also review audiobooks. (When it comes to shipping please be aware that I currently live in Australia).

My preferred genres are:

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Romance and all it’s sub-genres, in particular:
    • Paranormal Romance
    • Science Fiction Romance
    • Contemporary Romance
    • Romantic Suspense
    • Erotic Romance
    • Historical Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Utopian / Dystopian
  • Steampunk

I have no restrictions based on what genders are involved and in what number but I do prefer for there to be some form of relationship building or attraction between characters within a book. It doesn’t have to be the central theme of the book but I will enjoy it more if it is there somewhere. In other words – don’t send me a crime book where a detective works on his own for the entire book – you won’t get a good review.

I rarely accept:

  • Young adult
  • Children’s literature
  • Christian / Religious Undertones
  • Chick Lit
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Crime / Thriller
  • Horror
  • Non-fiction

Email to request a review. Please include the blurb, expected publication date, format (i.e. epub, audiobook etc) and an excerpt from your book.  Please also include any requirements you may have in relation to posting dates (i.e. review not to be posted until one month before release)

Please note that I cannot guarantee time frames when it comes to turn around time for reviews. Audiobooks and hardcopies will receive priority.

ARC/ebook/audiobooks received for review will not be sold or posted online.  Giveaway contests of hardcopies or audiobooks received in cd format will only occur when prior arrangements have been made (see note below), although I do reserve the right to give the book away to a charity/community library (such as care facilities or hospitals)/other readers.  This will only occur following publication of the book.

A special note re promotions:

I will not receive or accept any money for writing or expediting a book review.  I’m happy to discuss give-aways, blog tours, author interviews, character interviews, guest postings but this will be decided on a case by case basis (mainly due to time considerations).


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