Ilona Andrews – Kate Daniels Series

I surveyed the rest of the Council and looked directly at Mahon. “Some of you know me. Some of you have seen me fight and some of you are my friends. Have your vote. But know this: if you come to remove me, come in force, because if you try to separate me from him, I will kill every single one of you. My hand won’t shake. My aim won’t falter. My face will be the last thing you‟ll see before you die.” 

― Ilona AndrewsMagic Bleeds

Series Blurb

The world has suffered a magic apocalypse. We pushed the technological progress too far, and now magic returned with a vengeance. It comes in waves, without warning, and vanishes as suddenly as it appears. When magic is up, planes drop out of the sky, cars stall, electricity dies. When magic is down, guns work and spells fail. It’s a volatile, screwed-up world. Magic feeds on technology, gnawing down on skyscrappers until most of them topple and fall, leaving only skeletal husks behind. Monsters prowl the ruined streets, werebears and werehyenas stalk their prey; and the Masters of the Dead, necromancers driven by their thirst of knowledge and wealth, pilot blood-crazed vampires with their minds. In this world lives Kate Daniels. Kate likes her sword a little too much and has a hard time controlling her mouth. The magic in her blood makes her a target, and she spent most of her life hiding in plain sight. But sometimes even trained killers make friends and fall in love, and when the universe tries to kick them in the face, they kick back. Blurb From: Ilona Andrews

Series Status

Ongoing (and at this stage – may it never end)

My Reviews

Book 1 – Magic Bites
Book 2 – Magic Burns
Book 3 – Magic Strikes

Main Characters

Kate – Vulnerable Bad Ass

Excellent swords-woman, caring but slow to trust, smart mouth (which gets her in trouble with the Beast Lord as soon as they meet).  She’d do anything to stop Curran from getting hurt, emotionally or physically.  Father from hell.  Family has expanded to include a teenager named Julie and an attack poodle.  Do yourself a favour and don’t try to stand between her and Curran.  You will die.

Who’s in my head: Jennifer Garner

Curran – Beast Lord of Atlanta.

Strong, smart, prefers diplomacy to violence but doesn’t hesitate when needed, really really doesn’t like it when Kate’s in danger.  Has this whole thing about feeding Kate.  Would die for his pack but would destroy the whole world if anything happened to Kate.  Think about a lion who turns into a man and you start to get the picture.

Who’s in my head: Eric Dane

Links for the fan in you

The entire Ilona Andrews website if full of goodies for fans!  But in particular…

By Ilona Andrews – If the gang twittered (occurs anytime after the end of book 4)

By Ilona Andrews – Twitter Part 2 (occurs at the beginning of book 5)

Kate Daniels Wiki

My Kate and Curran Playlist

(go to forums on goodreads and Ilona Andrew’s site for more great songs)

Shut Up & Kiss Me – Orianthi
Kiss with a Fist – Florence and the Machine
I’d Come For You – Nickelback
Please Don’t Leave Me – P!nk
Break Apart Her Heart – Good Charlotte
Stay – Shakespear’s Sister
Never Let You Go – Evermore
Shadow of the Day – Linkin Park
Let Me Go – 3 Doors Down
How to Save a Life – The Fray
Careful – Paramore
Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Never Too Late – Three Days Grace
The Story – Brandi Carlile
Iron – The Unforgiving
Prelude 12/21 – Decemberunderground


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